Women in Power: Jan Locke

Mar 3, 2022


In recognition of International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the women who are integral to our Company’s operations.

Jan Locke: OHSE Management System Coordinator.

Jan joined BELCO’s Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) team as Management System Coordinator in September, 2015.

In her role, Jan is responsible for ensuring BELCO’s integrated OHSE Management System, including all associated elements such as operational procedures, training, management programmes, risks and opportunities, interested parties and applicable documentation is maintained in compliance with local and international standards and continual improvement is demonstrated.

Explaining her day to day activities, Jan said: “My role requires engagement with all levels of the Company to promote consultation, awareness and understanding and operational synergy of worker and environmental safety. I am passionate about and dedicated to ensuring the Company’s OHSE commitments are met, our ISO 14001 environmental certification is maintained and broader improvements, including alignment with ISO 45001, are progressed. My role requires that I bring a high level of organisation, detail and customer focus to our team. Adaptability is critical in a work environment where change is ongoing.”

As a member of the OHSE Team, Jan serves as a technical advisor for BELCO’s Joint Occupational Safety and Health (JOSH) Committee. She also serves as an OHSE Coordinator for BELCO’s Retail Operations Customer Experience Team, and Liberty’s Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance and Accounting, Legal and Communications & Sustainability Teams. She also manages BELCO parent Company Liberty’s Safety Management System software – INTELEX – since it was instituted at the Company in 2018. When the COVID Pandemic hit in March, 2020, Jan was given the opportunity to serve as OHSE Interim Manager, of which she said: “leading the OHSE Team for three months was a great learning experience.”

Before joining BELCO Jan was a marine scientist researching marine invertebrate systematics and phylogenetics. Her academic career began at Acadia University, where her honours research focused on age maturity in the Atlantic bluefin tuna. She then attained a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto and a Doctorate from the University of Puerto Rico in invertebrate systematics.

Jan explained: “Most of my marine career was spent under the sea and my research has been published in several scientific journals and a couple of book chapters. It provided me with the opportunity to describe four new species to science which means I got to name them, which was pretty cool! This led to my acknowledgement as an expert on Bermuda’s shallow and deep water Scleractinian and Antipatharian coral species. Diversity is important to me and my work as a Bermuda charter boat captain and a lecturer of biology at Bermuda College were also great experiences. Work with the Bermuda Government Department of Conservation Services Marine section for three years enabled me to dive and survey over 800 marine benthic habitats on the Bermuda Platform, monitor Bermuda’s threatened seagrass communities and seawater quality, as well as contribute to studies of green sea turtle migration.”

Jan believes in continually diversifying one’s perspective and knowledge and with the support of BELCO has trained in environmental management systems and attained a NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and ILM Level 3 in Leadership in Management.

While BELCO has traditionally been viewed as a male-dominated Company, Jan says she has never experienced any obstacles or resistance to her personal or professional growth. Jan also highlighted mentors who have helped her throughout her career: “I was very fortunate in my scientific career to have an extraordinary female mentor, Dr. Kathryn Coates. I am eternally grateful to her for sharing her knowledge and professionalism, providing unwavering support and encouragement, and the belief she had in me and my ability to succeed. During my time at BELCO, then Director of OHSE & Business Continuity, Jessica McClure, was a valued mentor who promoted the importance of professionalism, accountability, teamwork, and personal development. Personally, as a professor and charter boat captain, the opportunity to be a mentor to others has been exceptionally rewarding.” Jan’s advice for other women is: “If you want something bad enough, you don’t let up until you achieve it and versatility is a critical skill.”

Jan lives by her values of honesty, teamwork, consultation, and the promotion of conversation between interested parties and strives every day to ensure integrity, accountability, transparency, a willingness to continually learn from others and is driven to get the job done right.

Jan was born in Nova Scotia, Canada and is married to her Bermudian husband with whom she enjoys travel, food, music and having fun! Her fondest travel memory is hiking to the ‘roof of Africa’, when she climbed the 19,341 feet to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. She said: “It was an incredibly rewarding experience that took me through five climate zones (rainforest, heath, alpine desert and arctic), past glaciers and above the clouds.”  Upon returning home from Africa, Jan learned she was expecting her first child and her most prized achievement is to have received “Best Mom Award” each Mother’s Day for 7 years running!

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