We are Committed to Supporting our Community!

Sep 26, 2022

BELCO has a proud history of philanthropy and community support. We’ve built a culture of ‘giving’ and whether it’s our employees’ well-being, the environment’s health or the community’s welfare, we’re committed to enhancing standards of living.

Over the last 20 months the Company and our employees have made 128 contributions to educational institutions, charities, community initiatives, and local sports organisations. Our contributions have been in the form of donations, volunteering, food drives, toy drives, raffle prizes, and much more.

We have made 22 contributions to educational institutions, which includes the donation of 187 laptops to several middle schools for Bermudian students.

We have also made 73 contributions towards registered charities both financially and through our team volunteering their time. This includes such projects as spending the day at Wind Reach to help to beautify the animal zone; spending the day with Waterstart on sustainability initiatives; cleaning up coastal areas with KBB and donating fund raised to support local charities like the Women’s Resource Centre.

Additionally, we have made 21 contributions towards community initiatives and 12 contributions towards local sport organisations which includes our Annual Share the Love giving initiative and our participation in the Xtreme Sports Charity Event where BELCO won money for SCARS.

BELCO also organises various initiatives throughout the year, such as raising funds through Denim Days to support organisations and participating in food and supply drives for local familes through local charities such as the Royal Bermuda Regiment and the Coalition for the Protection of Children.

As a fundamental part of the fabric of Bermuda, we are driven by our commitment to serve our local community, and operate in the long-term public interest. Our obligation to serve Bermuda is not just our mission, it’s in our company DNA and we will continue to support our community and invest in Bermuda beyond the grid.

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