Trenching and Press Conference with Government

Jan 31, 2020

Thank you, Minister Burch.

During the last 100 years, BELCO has installed hundreds of miles of overhead, underground and even undersea cables connecting homes and businesses across the island.

As power needs and technology progressed, this grid infrastructure has been upgraded and replaced.

However, there are parts of the grid that are now 60 years old and in need of replacement.

As part of BELCO’s $250 million capital plan, we are making major improvements to our grid that will serve all our customers into the future with more reliable, safe and cost-effective electricity.

The upgrades we are making will also ensure that we can accommodate large and small-scale renewable energy to be safely fed into the grid – from projects such as the solar finger installation at the Airport to residential rooftop solar.

Part of this grid upgrade, as Minister Burch explained, will require trenching along public roads to lay cable underground.

This project is expected to last 36 months. We will share on our website anywhere the public will be impacted.

The project will start next month in the east end trenching from the sub-station at the LF Wade International Airport to Mullet Bay in St. George’s. We will work to complete the east end within the next year and a half and the west end in the following year.

We are planning the work to create as minimal disruption as possible.

I’m also pleased to reiterate what Minister Burch said about cooperation with the Government and other utilities to ensure that they can take advantage of the trenching and install any other infrastructure that may be required in future.

This will ensure roads that have been trenched and newly paved won’t be dug up again for the foreseeable future, as outlined by the Minister.

Through financing, cost savings and other measures we are working hard to ensure we improve our service to our customers without passing on the cost.

On behalf of our entire team at BELCO I would like to ask for the public’s understanding and patience as we complete these critical infrastructure upgrades that will ensure a more secure energy future for everyone.

Thank you.

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