Transmission Distribution & Retail

We are upgrading our Transmission, Distribution & Retail (TD&R) assets to improve reliability, reduce costs and expand our grid capacity.

Current work

Smith’s Parish

Harrington Sound Road between Harrington Sound Hill and Flatts, Middle Road


Trench has progressed to the Flatts side of Manor House Bridge.

Advised detour routes on Harrington Hundreds Road or Knapton Hill when available.

Smith’s Parish

Top of Store Hill, Middle Road to Flatts Hill


Trench is progressing along Middle Road and has crossed the Flatt’s Post Office.

Trenching taking place in the evenings.
Advised detour routes on South Shore Road  when available.

Devonshire Parish

National Stadium to Barker’s Hill Roundabout


Trench has progress past the Devonshire Rec gate.

Warwick Parish

Belmont substation to Camp Hill on Middle Road.


Trench is progressing along Middle Road approaching the Camp Hill junction.

Advised detour routes on South Shore Road when available.

Southampton Parish

Southampton Princess Road to Middle Road


Trenching has progressed to the crosswalk at the bottom of the Princess’ driveway.

Southampton Parish

Evans Bay Road via Middle Road to Morgan’s Point


Trench has progressed along Middle Road past the first entrance to the Gas Station and is approaching the Rockaway Road junction.

Upgrade Paths

Thank you for your patience as we upgrade our underground transmission cables.

As part of the transmission upgrade project, BELCO is replacing 40% of its current underground transmission cables that are over 50 years old. Nearly 25% of our cables have served Bermuda for over 60 years! These cables and other transmission and distribution assets are well beyond their useful lifespans, causing a higher number of faults, system vulnerability and higher maintenance costs.

Getting our grid ready for large-scale renewables


At this point in time, the grid is limited in its capacity to support large-scale generation from renewable resources. Our old cables and network were designed for central generation; they were not designed to accommodate generation from sources distributed across the network. The transmission cables serve as the backbone of the grid; thus their replacement represents a critical step in moving Bermuda towards its energy future.

TD&R upgrade construction project

The new cables are being installed in multi-service duct banks that will eliminate the need to dig up the roads for cable replacement in the foreseeable future.

Working closely with Works & Engineering and other utilities, the construction phase has been designed to complement Government’s future water and sewage plans.

Transmission cable replacements

Critical distribution infrastructure reinforcement

(i.e. schools and cell tower)

Grid modernisation projects, such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure