Summer Bills and Energy Usage Tips

Jun 14, 2021

Summer is upon us and the weather is getting hot! This June has been hotter than last year so it’s likely that many of you have been running your air conditioning, which will lead to higher bills. 


May was a ‘short’ month, in terms of the billing cycle, and the May 29th holiday and extra days will be reflected on June bills. 


Therefore, we’re encouraging you to be conscious of energy usage during these hot summer months. You can track your energy use if you have an AMI smart meter installed. By visiting the BELCO website, you can create an account and see when you use most energy and adjust accordingly. 


For optimal efficiency, recommendations are to set air conditioners to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, or alternatively, to turn on fans and open windows to get the benefits of a cross breeze. 


You can visit for energy saving tips and to learn more about reducing consumption and making sustainable energy choices to keep your bill lower. 


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