Same bill. New look.

Oct 31, 2022

We’ve changed the design of  your bill! While we may have changed the design, the detailed information you rely on remains the same.

As seen on the previous bill design, the following information is provided clearly for your review each month:

Charges & Credits: Your charges and credits are calculated based on the amount of kWh you use. They are seperated into three prices tiers. To learn more about the price tiers, visit Know your rate & bill – BELCO.

Regulatory Authority Fee:  This fee is a legal requirement that is remitted to the Regulatory Authority to cover their operating costs.

Facilities Charge: This charge is a fixed fee that covers the cost of maintenance, equipment and infrastructure we need to deliver electricity safely and reliably. To learn more about the Facilities Charge, visit BELCO Facilities Charge – BELCO.

Discount Date & Value: A discount is applied if your bill is paid on or before the date listed.

Consumption Comparisons: This summary compares your most recent kWh usage with usage during the previous month and the same month the year before. It’s included to help you monitor your energy usage over time. For some quick energy efficiency tips that can help you reduce your consumption, visit: Tips – BELCO.

Fuel Adjustment Rate: The FAR contains the following two components: (1) Fuel Adjustment – this rate, which is calculated on a quarterly basis, is based on the total cost of purchasing fuel and transporting it to BELCO; and (2) Government Tax – this rate is the duty put on imported fuel, plus UNESCO World Heritage Tax. Your cost is calculated by multiplying the FAR with your total kWh. To learn more about the Fuel Adjustment Rate, visit Understanding the Fuel Adjustment Rate – BELCO. To see the past decade of the FAR changes, visit Fuel Adjustment Rates – BELCO.

Consumption (kWh): Your kilowatt hour (kWh) usage represents the amount of energy your household consumed over the billing period. You’ve got the power to save on future bills by reducing this amount with help from the energy efficiency tips available on our website here:  energy efficiency tips – BELCO.

We encourage you to sign up for paperless billing! By converting to ebilling you will save the  trees, energy and water used in paper production. To sign up for paperless billing simply send an e-mail indicating your desire to switch to .

Be empowered. Understand your bill.

To download a pdf of the diagram explaining your new bill design, visit Know your rate & bill – BELCO. The download is available midway down the page – click the button titled “Have a Look”.

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