October Newsletter

Oct 24, 2022

Safety Moment
To ensure the safety of your guests and trick-or-treaters, follow these simple Halloween electrical safety tips:

  • When taking decorations out of storage, always inspect for frayed or damaged cords before plugging them in. Any damaged sockets, bare wires, or loose connections could cause shocks or start a fire.
  • When setting up your Halloween decorations, ensure that electrical cords are out of high-traffic areas. Avoid running extension cords across walkways. If you must have an extension cord across a walkway, tape the cords down to keep them secure and reduce tripping hazards.
  • Always remember to unplug your lights and decorations before going to bed or leaving your home. Electrical decorations should only be used when someone is home to monitor them.

FAR Decrease
With the approval of the Regulatory Authority, the Fuel Adjustment Rate (FAR) has decreased from the existing rate of 20.12 cents per kilowatt-hour sold for July to September 2022 to 16.874 cents per kilowatt-hour sold for all meter readings taken on or after October 1, 2022, until further notice.

To learn more about the FAR, visit: Understanding the Fuel Adjustment Rate – BELCO

We volunteered with Waterstart!
On September 15, 2022, our team journeyed to Burt Island with Waterstart to learn about living sustainably and to assist in clearing an overgrown water catch.

Energy Efficiency Tip
Always use your appliances in the most energy efficient ways. For example:

  • When cooking, choose your microwave over your oven if possible.
  • Always ensure you have a full load of dishes before starting a wash.
  • Switch dryer loads while the dryer is still warm to take advantage of the remaining heat from the previous cycle.

BELCO Energy Efficiency Tips will help you save the environment, save energy, and save money!

To learn more tips on maximising energy efficiency, visit: Energy Efficiency: Be Smart with Appliances – BELCO

Living Sustainably
Halloween is a long-awaited holiday for many and with it comes the excitement of preparing costumes and spooky decorations, trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, and other must-do activities that truly kick off the autumnal season. However, not all of the Halloween accessories and treats are friendly to the planet. Here are some easy ways to be eco-conscious while celebrating the spookiest day of the year:

  1. Borrow, make or thrift your costume
    Before heading to the store, take advantage of old clothing (like old t-shirts or pants) that might be repurposed for part or all of your costume.
  2. Keep your decorations efficient and environmentally friendly
    The most classic Halloween decoration is also perhaps the most sustainable, pumpkins. Pumpkins are, naturally, fully biodegradable (or compostable)—and unlike plastic knick-knacks, they can double as the foundation for delicious soups and pies or the source of tasty, nutritious baked seeds. If you do buy non-biodegradable decorations, stick to stuff that can be used year after year—or, even better, buy items that have already been used.
  3. Limit individually wrapped treats
    Individual candy packs are safer for sharing, but the plastic wrapping leaves a large environmental footprint behind. When choosing candy, consider enjoying sustainably packaged sweets.

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