NPS Soot Fallout Update

Dec 20, 2021

We are aware of a recent incident with suspected soot from the Company’s exhaust stack impacting some area residents.

As soon as we became aware of the incident members from our Occupational Health Safety and Environment (OHSE) team reached out to those affected and immediately acted to mitigate any impacts and address any concerns.

Our staff, in conjunction with the contractor that built the plant, are working diligently to improve the performance of the plant and reduce impact on our neighbours.

During the last year we have executed a phased approach to addressing the fall out occurrences from the North Power Station (NPS). Phase 1 involved the installation of shims on the four NPS engines and this project is 100% complete. Phase 2 includes the retrofitting of modified piston crowns with this work completed on three of the four engines. The final piston crown retrofit is due to be completed by the end of January 2022.

Once complete, a new baseline will be established, allowing the team to objectively measure the effectiveness of the engine modifications. The Company is optimistic that the efforts taken will significantly reduce impacts to our neighboring community.

Any property owner who believes they have been impacted by BELCO’s operations should immediately reach out to the Company’s OHSE team on and they will be addressed as a priority.

BELCO President Wayne Caines said: “Let me sincerely apologise for the impacts of our plant on our neighbours. I can assure everyone in the community that we are working diligently to improve the performance of our plant to ensure the minimum possible disruption to your daily lives as we plan for and work towards a sustainable and clean energy future.”

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