November Newsletter

Nov 7, 2022

Safety Moment
Before Thanksgiving hits there are a few precautions you can take to avoid potential electrical issues:

  • Replace and repair frayed and loose cords on all electrical devices. Thanksgiving holidays can be a time where most power outlets and cords are being used, but these outlets and cords are often only designed to handle a limited amount of strain. If too many items are plugged into one circuit the risk of overheating the outlet and causing a fire is high. 
  • Avoid overcrowding in the kitchen. In many households, during the holidays, a lot of friends and family members tend to want to help out in the kitchen. Unfortunately, sometimes, this can lead to overcrowding which can cause concern for distractions and accidents. Believe it or not various accidents can happen whether it be by spilling coffee, tea, water or any sort of liquid on electrical equipment. This can lead to shock. If electrical equipment gets wet, it needs to be checked/inspected before being used again to avoid the risk of moisture in the equipment that could cause a problem. Ensure you keep all electrical equipment away from any source of liquid and do not handle electrical equipment with wet hands.
  • Keep an eye on your outlets. This thanksgiving you may need to keep an eye on any visiting toddlers who could potentially stick small items into outlets. Unused wall sockets and extension-cord receptacles should have plastic safety covers. To avoid electric shock or objects getting stuck in outlets causing electrical fires.   

Sustainable Training Day: Royal Naval Dockyard
We partnered with the National Museum of Bermuda and Dolphin Quest Bermuda, to learn about the preservation and conservation of Bermuda’s history and artifacts along with ocean conservation and dolphins. Our team was even able to experience the BELCO exhibit at the museum!

Energy Efficiency Tip
If  you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint and potentially save money in the long term, investing in an electric vehicle (EV) is worth considering.

BELCO Energy Efficiency Tips will help you save the environment, save energy, and save money!

To learn more tips on maximising energy efficiency, visit: Energy Efficiency: Consider an Electric Vehicle – BELCO

Living Sustainably
From preventing food waste, to sustainable cleaning, to making some easy plant-based swaps, here are several ways we can reduce our emissions this Thanksgiving:

  1. Plan your recipes so that they fit together. For example, if one recipe needs half an onion, find another recipe that could use the other half. Make sure you are only getting what you need and what you will use!
  2. Less Turkey. More Sides. If you’re not ready to ditch the turkey just yet, try to make it a smaller part of the meal. Experiment with new and delicious sides that can fill your turkey void easily.
  3. Make your Thanksgiving a “no waste” event. Try to make your event no-waste by buying products with recyclable packaging, eating all your food, and using reusable products.
  4. Save your scraps and compost. If you do have leftover scraps, make a compost in your backyard! Composting is amazing for your soil and is a great way to deal with excess food waste.

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