North Power Station Update

Mar 18, 2022

BELCO is committed to Bermuda and especially to the residents in the neighbouring area. We have been listening to your concerns since the commissioning of the North Power Station regarding stack exhaust emissions, water quality and stack soot emissions. Your concerns have been heard. While we continue to monitor and test our impact on Bermuda and area residents, we are also continuing work on mitigating that impact.

If you continue to have concerns, please reach out to our Occupational Health,Safety and Environment (OHSE) Team via email at

Remediation Efforts
In order to reduce the impact of the North Power Station (NPS) engines on our area residents, we installed shims and piston crowns on the 4 NPS engines, which was completed in January 2022.

In addition, filters were installed on the fuel and lube oil tanks on St. John’s Road in December 2021, to reduce the odour at ground level.

The total cost to BELCO of this remediation effort
was $2.7M.

Mitigation Efforts
Our mitigation efforts include:

Managing Soot Emissions:
– Roof Painting
– Vehicle Restoration
– Power Washing properties

Managing Odour:
– Measuring and Monitoring
– Switching between fuels
– Reviewing fuel options

Air Quality Testing:
The charts below show the reduced levels of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) measured at the BDA1 monitoring site before (yellow) and after (blue) the NPS came online:

Note: The BDA1 Monitoring Site is located adjacent to the BELCO plant on Cemetery Lane.

Managing Water Quality:
– 31 Water Filtration System Installations

Tank Testing:
– 15 Water Samples collected from various homes in the neighboring community. The samples were collected by BIOS and sent overseas to Bureau Veritas lab for analysis. The lab reports was then sent to BIOS for interpretation.
– 10 samples collected from the raw water source
– 5 samples collected from homeowner taps prior to any filtration taking place. This was done to ensure any potential sediment pulled into the system from the tank was not hazardous.
– 5 samples will be collected and tested in 2022

To date all water that has been collected and tested has met the safe drinking water standards set by the US, UK and World Health Organisation (WHO).

Year Roof Painting Requests Car Restores Associated Costs of Damages
2018 110 8 $292,126.91
2019 85 3 $216,593.70
2020 217 45 $605,888.86
2021 122 37 $271,688.95


If you continue to have concerns, please reach out to our Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) Team via email at

To Download the PDF Flyer, please click HERE.

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