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May 17, 2022

Safety Moment
The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 31,000 home electrical fires occur every year, and with over 180 cases involving electricity-related incidents that could have been avoided, home electrical safety is too important to ignore.

One tip for electrical safety in your home is to use the right bulbs, which can prevent electrical problems. With this in mind, check all lamps, fixtures and appliances to ensure you’re using the correct wattage.

If a light fixture has no wattage listed, use 60-watt bulbs or less. For unmarked ceiling fixtures, choose 25-watt bulbs.

LED bulbs consume less power and reduce the risk of fixtures overheating.

Keep Bermuda Beautiful
Date:Friday, April 22, 2022
Location:Pembroke Playground

In celebration of Earth Day, we partnered up with KBB to clean-up Pemrboke Playground and the surrounding area.

To watch the video recap of this initiative, visit: BELCO Earth Day Playground Cleanup – YouTube

Xtreme Sports Games 2022
Date: Saturday, April 30, 2022
Location: PHC Field

BELCO entered the Extreme Sports Games 2022. We are proud to share that we won first place in the overall competition which secured a donation of $5,000.00 to our chosen charity – SCARS.

To learn more about SCARS, visit: SCARS Bermuda – Saving Children and Revealing Secrets.

Energy Efficiency Tip
Being water conscious is not only good for the environment but could also result in a significant reduction in your household energy consumption, which will in turn help you save money.

BELCO Energy Efficiency Tips will help you save the environment, save energy, and save money!

To learn more about being water conscious, visit:

Living Sustainably
Join us in making everyday Earth Day with some of the following tips on how to live more sustainably:


  1. Use the internet, not trees.
  2. Conserve water.
  3. Fight climate change with diet change.
  4. Pick up trash.
  5. Switch to reusable bags.
  6. Switch to online billing.
  7. Grow an organic garden.
  8. Compost food and yard waste.
  9. Use a reusable water bottle.
  10. Use earth-friendly cleaning products.
  11. Practice sustainable fashion.
  12. Reduce, reuse, upcycle and recycle.
  13. Only buy what you need.
  14. Shop local.
  15. Refuse the straw.
  16. Only cook what you need.
  17. Support brands that share your values.
  18. Turn the lights off.
  19. Volunteer in your community.

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