Know your rate & bill

It’s important to know as much as you can about your electricity rates, so you can budget accordingly and empower yourself to make decisions about your energy usage.

As of April 1, 2022, BELCO residential customers are being charged according to new energy rates, which have been approved by the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda (RA).

Introducing New Residential Rates

The three tiers of Residential Billing Charges are:


New Rate/kWh

Old Rate/kWh

Difference %

FIRST 0-250 kWh $0.1333 $0.1253 6.3%
SECOND 251-700 kWh $0.2259 $0.2124 6.3%
THIRD 700+ kWh $0.3337 $0.3138 6.3%

The Facilities Charge is a fixed fee that covers the cost of maintenance, equipment and infrastructure that we need to deliver electricity safely and reliably. The five tiers of the Residential Facilities Charges are:


New Rate/kWh

Old Rate/kWh

Difference %

FIRST 0-10 kWh/day $ 21.33
$19.04 12.0%
SECOND 10-15 kWh/day $ 32.00 $28.57 12.0%
THIRD 15-25 kWh/day $ 42.61 $38.05 12.0%
FOURTH 25-50 kWh/day $66.66 $59.53 12.0%
FIFTH 50+ kWh/day $101.33 $90.48 12.0%

We will continue to work to reduce rates, but you also have the power to lower your household energy costs.

As you can see, the less energy you use, the lower your rates are. To lower your rates and your overall bill, track your usage and practice energy efficiency.

Our new AMI meters make it easy to track your usage so that you can find ways to reduce your bill. Once you register an account on our easy-to-use website, you can see exactly how much energy you are using on a daily basis. Once AMI has been fully deployed, you will be able opt in to prepaid plans or set usage thresholds with notification alerts when you are nearing your limit.

AMI is currently being deployed across the island.

If you have not yet received your AMI meter, please visit to use our bill calculator. This online tool lets you see how much you can save by reducing your kWh usage. To find your most recent kWh usage, look at the Consumption Comparisons section at the top of your bill.

Your bill

Your kilowatt hour (kWh) usage represents the amount of energy your household consumed over the billing period.

Reduce your usage

Once you know how much energy you are using, how do you reduce this amount?

There are many energy efficiency tips that you can use to easily save energy without sacrificing your comfort. To get started, we recommend using timers on your water heaters, switching to LED light bulbs and turning off lights and appliances when they aren’t in use. Click here for more energy efficiency tips or follow #BELCOefficiencytips on Instagram or Facebook.

If you have any questions about the new rates, please contact our Customer Experience department at or call 295-5111.

We are committed to transparency and accountability.

The Future

New developments like hotels and marinas will increase demand, as would an increase in our population. More widespread adoption of electric vehicles would also help, as customers would pay less for electricity to fuel their cars than they would for gasoline, all while increasing electricity demand and lowering costs for everyone.

Our Plan

We are taking a multi-faceted, cost-effective approach to address the risks of our ageing infrastructure while making our energy more affordable and environmentally friendly. We are working diligently to provide Bermuda with clean, resilient, affordable energy.

Replacement Generation

We are replacing 80 megawatts of generating capacity with a new dual-fuel, high-efficiency generation plant.

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

To supplement the replacement generation, we are introducing our new cutting-edge battery energy storage system, which will allow us to regulate spikes in peak electrical demand more efficiently.

Transmission, Distribution & Retail (TD&R)

We are replacing old, worn underground transmission cables and upgrading distribution assets and facilities. This process will help us to expand the capacity of the grid.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Advanced meters improve the efficiency and reliability of electricity service, while providing customers with more control.