BELCO Kite Safety Competition

Mar 1, 2022


Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO or the Company) today announced the Company’s annual Kite Safety Poster competition is now open for entries.

The competition is open to Primary 1 and Primary 2 students only with one entry per child permitted. All submissions must be on an 8.5” x 11” paper and either be photographed and emailed to or delivered to BELCO, located on 27 Serpentine Road, Pembroke.

All submissions must include the child’s name, age, and school in the e-mail or on the back of the entry. Submitting an entry grants BELCO the permission to use, reproduce and publicly display the child’s artwork, name and age including on the Company’s website, media channels and on Company premises.

Deadline for submissions is March 25, 2022. The best overall poster winner will receive a $500 toy voucher and a $500 BELCO voucher. The most beautiful poster and best kite safety message winners will each receive a $250 toy voucher.

Prior to the COVID pandemic, BELCO’s annual Kite Safety Poster competition was accompanied by a visit to the classroom by BELCO and the BELCO bird to discuss kite safety; however, since the onset of COVID, the competition Is now accompanied by a virtual presentation instead. The company Is committed to fostering a culture of safety within our company, schools and community.

Director of Communications and Sustainability Krista Barnes said: “This is our 33rd year of the BELCO kite safety campaign and poster competition and I encourage students to enter for the chance to win great prizes. Kite safety is very important during the annual Good Friday holiday and by participating in the competition students learn the important lessons on kite safety while having fun creating a piece of artwork. We look forward to receiving the creative and colourful posters every year which are displayed in our lobby and bring great joy to our staff and customers.”

Students who want to submit an entry can find information about kite safety on BELCO’s website at

BELCO Kite Safety Tips

  • Always use the correct supplies when making a kite. Do not use any wire or metal.
  • Keep kites away from power lines and busy roads.
  • Only fly kites in safe open places away from any power lines.
  • If your yard isn’t big enough or is close to power lines, please don’t attempt to fly a kite as to not cause unnecessary outages.
  • If your kite gets caught in power lines, don’t tug on the tail or pull the string. Call BELCO at 955 and then dial “0” to speak with the operator.

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