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Public Notices:

BELCO's Role

There are various emergency procedures implemented at BELCO when a hurricane or tropical storm becomes a threat to Bermuda. At the start of hurricane season in June, we ensure that our internal emergency procedures are up to date with key personnel identified and tasks assigned. All departments within the company are involved and each has a vital role to play in restoring power to the Island. During the year, there are a number of precautionary measures BELCO takes:

  • Because trees hitting power lines is the number-one cause of outages in Bermuda, BELCO makes a commitment year-round to cut back trees that affect our main line circuits and larger branch lines. A particular emphasis is placed on this commitment immediately before the start of hurricane season in June, using both BELCO employees and contracted landscaping firms.
  • BELCO is not responsible for cutting trees back in residential areas. That is the responsibility of individual home owners. If a tree limb on your property is dangerously close to a power line, however, call BELCO and we will arrange a time to turn your power off while you or your tree-trimming service cut the trees back safely. Planning ahead rather than waiting until the last minute is important, because making arrangements for tree trimming in the hours leading up to a hurricane can be difficult.

When a Storm is Imminent

  • Our fleet of trucks is fully fuelled and stocked with the necessary tools, including chainsaws and equipment necessary for restoring power.
  • Our line crews are mobilised with various personnel being designated to strategic locations throughout the Island. None of our line crews work during the height of a storm.

During a Storm

  • At BELCO's head offices, a team of key personnel co-ordinates our restoration planning. This involves close liaison among our Energy Delivery, Energy Supply, Corporate Services, Human Resources and External Relations & Corporate Communications groups.

After a Storm

  • Our priority is to restore power to all customers as quickly as possible.
  • The order of our restoration effort is as follows: main circuits, branch lines and individual customers.
  • We also have a list of priority customers, including essential services, such as fire, police, the hospitals and customers on life-support systems. This list helps determine which circuits and/or branch lines are worked on first.
  • Our priority is also to keep all of Bermuda informed on our progress throughout the restoration process. We do this with the help of the local news media.

StreetLight Reporting

Three ways to report:

Use our interactive map

Email streetlights@belco.bm

  • Phone 955

Tree Trimming Requests

For tree trimming related service interruption requests:

Read BELCO's Tree Trimming Policy.

BELCO Service Rules

Emergency Plan For Public

BELCO Certifications

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Current Outages

 Access our new Outage Map for information on all current outages 

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Learn more about BELCO's Advanced Metering Infrastructure ( AMI) project here 


BELCO offers undergraduate scholarships, education awards and postgraduate scholarships below. For further information on our scholarships and education awards visit www.bermudascholarships.com.