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Public Notices:



Number of Metered Connections (2010): 35,668
Generating Plant: Maximum capacity is 165 megawatts, consisting of diesel engines and gas turbines. Individual engine capacity ranges between 4.5 and 14.5 megawatts.
System frequency is 60 cycles.
Type of Fuel Used: Heavy Fuel Oil and Diesel
Kilowatt Hours Generated (2010): 730 million
Highest Peak Load (2010): 122,800 kilowatts
Electric System: 34 substations, 135 miles of underground transmission cable, 120 miles high voltage underground distribution cable, 545 miles high voltage overhead distribution lines and 370 miles of low voltage overhead service lines. Transmission voltage is 34,000 and 23,000 volts. Distribution voltage is 4,160 volts.

StreetLight Reporting

Three ways to report:

Use our interactive map

Email streetlights@belco.bm

  • Phone 955

Tree Trimming Requests

For tree trimming related service interruption requests:

Read BELCO's Tree Trimming Policy.

BELCO Service Rules

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Current Outages

 Access our new Outage Map for information on all current outages 

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Learn more about BELCO's Advanced Metering Infrastructure ( AMI) project here 


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