Hurricane Humberto Update

Sep 19, 2019

Hamilton, Bermuda

Following the passage of Hurricane Humberto, BELCO is aware of a number of outages across the island affecting 20,628 customers as of 2 pm. Approximately 43% of customers who lost power have had it restored.

 As a reminder, a BELCO spokesman asked that the public not call the company unless there is an emergency which includes a pole fire or downed power line. 

BELCO Crews are currently working across the island in all parishes to restore power. BELCO crews will continue working until 12 am with work to resume at 8 am. 

The public have also been advised to use caution when using generators as they can be extremely dangerous if not used correctly.

  • Carbon monoxide fumes emitted by a generator’s exhaust cannot be smelled or seen and can be fatal. NEVER use a generator indoors. Generators should NEVER be operated in any part of your home or indoor space, regardless of whether there are open windows. Use a generator or other gasoline-powered machinery outdoors ONLY and away from windows.
  • Hooking up your generator directly into your home power supply could energise the outside power lines and electrocute a utility worker. If you must connect the generator through the house wiring to power appliances, use a qualified and licensed electrician to install an appropriate power transfer switch.
  • NEVER store fuel for your generator in your house and do not store fuels near a fuel-burning appliance, such as a stove or water heater. Before re-fueling the generator, turn it off and let it cool down. Gasoline spilt on a hot engine can ignite a fire. 

Residents are encouraged to visit the BELCO website at for up-to-date information.



Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ascendant Group Limited (Ascendant), a publicly traded investment holding company whose shares trade on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (ticker: AGL.BH). Ascendant is also the parent company of AG Holdings Limited, which includes operating companies, AIRCARE LTD., IFM Limited, iEPC Limited and Ascendant Properties Limited. BELCO was established in 1904 as Bermuda’s sole supplier of electricity and currently operates generating plant and transmission and distribution systems to service 35,000 metered connections.  

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