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Cut your chances of power outages

The top reason for storm related power outages is tree branches hitting or becoming tangled in power lines.

Keep tree branches trimmed at least 10’ from power lines and you will reduce your chances of storm related outages.


Residents are asked to be ready for storms by surveying their property and trimming any trees that could come into contact with overhead wires. Tree branches that clear lines in dry weather often become weighted down during heavy rain.

BELCO maintains a tree-trimming program for its overhead main line system and major branch lines. However, tree trimming on private property is the responsibility of the property owner.

Residents or their landscaping service planning to trim trees in close proximity to power lines are asked to call BELCO at 299-2800 in advance, and we will assist by disconnecting the power to ensure safety. A date and time (start and finish) will be mutually agreed between the customer and BELCO. Other than under emergency conditions, such work will normally be scheduled approximately three weeks from the date of request, which will allow BELCO time to program the outage.

The BELCO representative who disconnects the power will ensure that the person in charge of the work on site is informed of the limits of the work zone. In addition, the BELCO representative on site will post DANGER notices on any adjacent live apparatus in order to clearly identify the safe working zone. Customers will be advised to treat the system as if it were live and to avoid all contact with BELCO equipment.

    Prior to the power being restored, the BELCO representative will:

Please keep in mind BELCO crews are extremely busy in the days and hours leading up to the arrival of a storm, so we encourage tree trimming while the weather is good so that attention can be given to the more immediate tasks ahead in the lead-up to a storm. This will also make repairs easier in the event that power is lost.