August Newsletter

Aug 22, 2022

Safety Moment
According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), the following tips will help when trying not to overload electrical outlets, which is a common cause of household electrical problems:

  • Do not use extension cords or multi-outlet converters for appliances.
  • Only plug one heat-producing appliance into an outlet at a time.
  • Hot outlets should be checked by qualified electricians.
  • Remember that power strips only add outlets. They do not change the amount of power the outlet receives.
  • Smart plugs can be used to monitor outlet power loads and even shut off appliances should an outlet begin to overheat.

2022 BELCO Scholarship Recipients
Our BELCO Annual Scholarship Programme honours our commitment to equip the leaders of tomorrow to advance beyond the leaders of today. We were pleased to present our 2022 Scholarship Awards, with a combined value of $140,000, to 13 young Bermudians.

We wish them every success in their studies and look forward to their return to Bermuda to help build our sustainable future.

To check out the video of our awards ceremony, visit: 2022 BELCO Scholarship Awards Ceremony – YouTube

Energy Efficiency Tip
Did you know that many appliances and electronics have labels that indicate their efficiency and environmental impact?

Using tools like energy efficiency labels, standards and ratings will not only save on energy consumption and costs, but will also help reduce our carbon emissions.

BELCO Energy Efficiency Tips will help you save the environment, save energy, and save money!

To learn more, visit: Energy Efficiency: Look for the Label – BELCO

Living Sustainably
We are committed to being your partner on Bermuda’s journey towards a sustainable future with an ultimate goal of being Net Zero by 2050. This means that we are working to make operational changes to reduce our carbon emissions to the lowest amount possible and then offsetting what we cannot as a last resort to achieve a neutral state.

Our commitment to Net Zero also extends to offsetting the carbon footprint of each one of our employees making our entire team carbon neutral. To date, through our partnership with Climate Wise, we have been able to offset the following:

    To learn more about our Net Zero commitment, visit: Net Zero 2050 – BELCO

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