Over the past few weeks, the project team has been working on the following:

  • GT Complex demolition has recently progressed nicely with only B33 GT4 and Fuel Treatment Building remaining to be removed
  • Cleanout has continued in B6 OPS and B26 EPS and are now 85 to 90% complete
  • B26 EPS overall mechanical demolition of engines and auxiliaries is approximately 25% completed at this time (E1, E2, E3, & E4)
  • B6 OPS overall mechanical demolition of engines and auxiliaries is approximately 18% completed at this time

The project plan for the next few weeks includes:

  • B7 GEC building demolition of switchgear and building will commence after B33 GT4 demolition activities are completed in early April
  • B6 Old Power Station (OPS) mechanical demolition (i.e., D2 & D3, D14 & D15 engines) is ongoing
  • B26 EPS mechanical demolition (E1, e2, E3 & E4) is ongoing

    When demolition is occurring our neighbours and passersby may notice the following disturbances:

    • Demolition noise from the construction equipment, which will be mitigated by limiting work to daytime production hours only (ie. 7:00am to 4:00pm)
    • Localised airbourne dust, which will be mitigated by mist mechanisms and stockpile covers
    • Increased truck traffic along Cemetery Road to remove building materials and engine components, which will be mitigated by flag men while trucks enter and exit the demolition site.

    Project safety signage and project barriers are in place surrounding all demolition and work/project areas. All project areas are limited to the BELCO Serpentine Road campus only.

    We ask our neighbours, passersby and campus visitors/guests to observe all safety signage and to not enter or attempt to enter any marked project areas in order to protect the safety of everyone.