The demolition contractor, Manafort Brother Inc. (MBI), has started to mobilise on-site commencing the project at B26 and has now received the Demolition Permit from the Department of Planning, which will allow the project to proceed as planned. MBI will be installing temporary rope barricades prior to the installation of speed fencing. These barricades are being erected around the demolition areas to signal “no entry” to un-authorised personnel.

Over the next four weeks, the project team will be working on the following:

  • Establish project boundaries
  • Arrival of equipment for demolition
  • Establishing office areas in the Training Centre
  • Interior building cleanouts
  • Oil & fluid draining
  • ACM abatement in B5 pending Government approval
  • B5 Warehouse 2 demolition beginning October 15 following successful ACM removal

Initially our neighbours and passers by can expect very little disturbances or project visibility. Disturbances within the first period of this four-week look ahead will be limited to increased trucking within the surrounding plant area as we properly dispose of waste. However, the demolition of the Warehouse 2 building in mid-October will result in our neighbours and passers by experiencing the following disturbances:


  • Demolition noise from construction equipment – mitigated to daytime production hours only (ie 7am to 4pm)
  • Localised airbourne dust – mitigated by mist mechanism and stockpile covers
  • Increase of trucking to remove building materials –mitigated by flag men on Cemetery Road while trucks enter and exit the demolition site