Congratulations to our Employees on becoming Certified Fibre Optic Technicians

Jan 6, 2022


Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (‘BELCO’ or the ‘Company’) today announced that ten employees have successfully completed their Certified Fibre Optic Training (CFOT).

The CFOT Programme is the Fibre Optic Association’s (FOA) certification for general fibre optics and is chartered to promote professionalism in fibre optics through education, certification and standards. The FOA is the largest fibre optics institution in the world and its certification is internationally recognised.

The employees who have attained the FOA certification are Jarrod Zancanella, Zeldon Trott, George Fubler, Torrey Tacklyn, Ryan Hayward, Christopher Pullen, Andrew Mitchell, Khimo Harrison, Kumar Grant and Carvala Duffus.

The five-day CFOT training involved both theoretical and practical sessions with the key learning objectives including; understanding fibre and cable construction best practices, understanding fibre modes and application, theory of light propagation through fibre, familiarity with outside plant equipment and accessories, proficiency in the use of fibre optic testing equipment and fibre optic restoration practices.

Hands-on sessions were utilised to splice and test fibre optic cables purchased by BELCO for installation as part of the Company’s outside plant infrastructure expansion.

BELCO President Wayne Caines said: “At BELCO we are committed to empowering our employees with opportunities for life-long learning and becoming a certified fibre optic technician is just one of these opportunities. I would like to offer my congratulations to the ten staff members who are now certified by the Fibre Optic Association. I know that they will put these skills to good use as our company continues to evolve and embrace the latest technologies to become a world-class renewable energy Company.”

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