20 Summer Interns Hired

Jul 11, 2022

Front Row, from Left to Right: Sabrina Da Silva, Corporate Applications; Zayah Scott-Burgess, Procurement & Logistics; and Haley Davis, OHSE & Business Continuity 

Second Row, from Left to Right: Jamin Fubler, Transmission & Distribution; Jasmin Williams, Human Resources; Mya Gibbons, Legal & Investor Services; LaKeirah Cunningham, OHSE & Business Continuity; and Makayla Tucker, PG Reliability, Bulk Generation 

Third Row, from Left to Right: Enzi Pitt-Adams, Bulk Generation; Amon Simons, PG Engineering, Bulk Generation; Ellie Cordeiro, Sustainability; Jawonday Smith, Sustainability; Hasheem Webb, PG Reliability, Bulk Generation; Zahria Furbert, Customer Experience; and Julian Roser, Transmission & Distribution 

Not Pictured: Benjamin Barnett, Bulk Generation; Ross Cooper, IT; Jorja Thomas, Transport; Kiira Grant, Human Resources; and Joshua Roberts, Finance


Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (‘BELCO’ or the ‘Company’) has announced the hiring of 20 summer student interns – the largest number of interns ever hired for summer work experience.

The interns are gaining work experience in various departments including Human Resources, Bulk Generation, Communications and Sustainability, Transmission, Distribution and Retail, Customer Experience, IT, Corporate Applications, Finance, Occupational Health Safety & Environment, Business Continuity, Power Generation Reliability, Power Generation Engineering, Procurement & Logistics, Finance, Transport and Legal.

The interns and departments in which they will be working for the summer include Sabrina Da Silva, Corporate Applications, Zayah Scott-Burgess, Procurement & Logistics, Haley Davis, OHSE & Business Continuity, Jamin Fubler, Transmission & Distribution, Jasmin Williams, Human Resources, Mya Gibbons, Legal & Investor Services, LaKeirah Cunningham, OHSE & Business Continuity, Makayla Tucker, PG Reliability, Bulk Generation, Enzi Pitt-Adams, Bulk Generation, Amon Simons, PG Engineering, Bulk Generation, Ellie Cordeiro, Sustainability, Jawonday Smith, Sustainability, Hasheem Webb, PG Reliability, Bulk Generation, Zahria Furbert, Customer Experience, Julian Roser, Transmission & Distribution, Benjamin Barnett, Bulk Generation, Ross Cooper, IT, Jorja Thomas, Transport, Kiira Grant, Human Resources and Joshua Roberts, Finance.

BELCO is committed to social sustainability and has a long history of providing scholarships, apprenticeships and internships. In the past 4 years, BELCO has supported the education of 87 Bermudians through education awards and scholarships along with 23 Bermudians who have been educated and supported in the Company’s Apprenticeship Programme.

BELCO President Wayne Caines said: “We are thrilled to have this group of 20 diverse and outstanding students join us for their summer internships. BELCO is committed to education and empowering our students to gain the life skills, education and experience they will need to compete and prosper in a rapidly changing world where sustainability is going to be front and centre of everything we do. As one of Bermuda’s biggest companies, we take our social sustainability and empowerment commitment seriously and I look forward to some of these interns returning to Bermuda and possibly coming to work for us at BELCO.”

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